Computational Mathematics with SageMath

Paul Zimmermann, Alexandre Casamayou, Nathann Cohen, Guillaume Connan, Thierry Dumont, Laurent Fousse, François Maltey, Matthias Meulien, Marc Mezzarobba, Clément Pernet, Nicolas M. Thiéry, Erik Bray, John Cremona, Marcelo Forets, Alexandru Ghitza, Hugh Thomas

Digital versions PDF
Latex source No
Exercises 63 exercises with solutions
License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

This book is a collaborative effort of several authors which began in 2009. They first produced a French version and then a version in German. The English version was completed recently and is freely available as a PDF. The printed version is published by SIAM.

The book is divided into four major parts with several chapters in each part.

  1. Getting to Grips with Sage
  2. Algebra and Symbolic Computation
  3. Numerical Computation
  4. Combinatorics

The first part is accessible to high school and undergraduate students and could be used for a first course in mathematical computation at the undergraduate level. The other parts are more advanced but selected chapters could be used to integrate Sage into courses such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, graph theory, combinatorics, and numerical analysis.