Mathematical Analysis I

Elias Zakon

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License Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
  • 367 page text for two semesters of undergraduate real analysis
  • Copyright 2004 by Bradley J. Lucier and Tamara Zakon
  • Paperback version available from for $30
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This text grew out of the lecture notes from the author at the University of Windsor and was originally copyrighted in 1975. It is now published by the Trillia Group, a publishing company started by his son-in-law, Bradley Lucier, a professor of mathematics and computer science at Purdue. The level of the book is appropriate for a rigorous analysis course. The author writes in the introduction that “we try to simplify the modern Bourbaki approach to make it accessible to sufficiently advanced undergraduates.” The chapter titles are:

  1. Set Theory
  2. Real Numbers. Fields
  3. Vector Spaces. Metric Spaces
  4. Function Limits and Continuity
  5. Differentiation and Antidifferentiation