Katherine Yoshiwara

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This trigonometry textbook can serve students in a variety of programs. Starting with a review of relevant facts from geometry, it covers the material in a standard course, including a treatment of vectors, polar coordinates, and complex numbers.

From the introduction:

Throughout we have been guided by the Rule of Four and use tables and graphical representation to illustrate concepts. We have taken care to include numerical examples and diagrams, both in Examples and in Homework Problems, to offer students some intuitive understanding for the more abstract ideas of trigonometry. Above all, we have tried to focus on the fundamental ideas of trigonometry by introducing them in their most basic form and returning later to look at them in greater detail.

Table of contents:

  1. Triangles and Circles
  2. Trigonometric Ratios
  3. Laws of Sines and Cosines
  4. Trigonometric Functions
  5. Equations and Identities
  6. Radians
  7. Circular Functions
  8. Using Identities
  9. Vectors
  10. Polar Coordinates and Complex Numbers