Elementary Algebra

Katherine Yoshiwara

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XML source Yes
Exercises Yes
Solutions Short answers to odd numbered problems
License GNU Free Documentation License
  • Emphasizes graphing and modeling with many examples of real-life applications
  • Examples designed as reading exercises with immediate feedback
  • Includes an Activities Lesson for classroom use in each section of the text
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  • Print versions from XYZ Textbooks of the text ($58) and Activities Workbook ($20)
  • XYZ Textbooks also makes its homework system available without buying the printed book ($45 per student per year)
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From the preface:

Elementary Algebra was written with two goals in mind: to present the skills of algebra in the context of modeling and problem solving, and to engage students in an activity-based course.


Throughout the book, we use applications to motivate algebraic skills. We present ideas using verbal, numerical, and graphical tools. We use graphs extensively to illustrate algebraic techniques and to help students visualize relationships between variables. In the Homework Problems we break up skills practice into smaller sets of exercises and combine them with conceptual questions, graphing, and applications of various types.

Table of contents:

  1. Variables
  2. Linear Equations
  3. Graphs of Linear Equations
  4. Applications of Linear Equations
  5. Exponents and Roots
  6. Quadratic Equations
  7. Polynomials
  8. Algebraic Fractions
  9. More About Exponents and Roots