Precalculus – College Algebra – Trigonometry

Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager

Digital versions PDF
Latex source Yes
Exercises Yes
Solutions Short answers to odd numbered problems
License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike
  • Precalculus text with 1080 pages and 11 chapters
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  • Trigonometry (chapters 10-11) from Lulu for $11.36
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  • Latest edition July 4, 2013
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The authors are instructors at large community colleges in Ohio, and the book has now been adopted at several other locations. Those who have used the book expect to continue using it. One community college instructor now using it for the fourth time says he highly recommends the book to other colleagues and that his students often make positive comments about the book. He has found the authors “very approachable and helpful when I had questions or concerns.” Send email to the authors for more information about course adoptions of their books.

Table of Contents

  1. Relations and Functions
  2. Linear and Quadratic Functions
  3. Polynomial Functions
  4. Rational Functions
  5. Further Topics in Functions
  6. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  7. Hooked on Conics
  8. Systems of Equations and Matrices
  9. Sequences and the Binomial Theorem
  10. Foundations of Trigonometry
  11. Applications of Trigonometry