Linear Algebra

Jim Hefferon

Digital versions PDF
Latex source Yes
Exercises Yes
Solutions Yes
License Gnu Free Documentation or Creative Commons License
  • Sophomore/junior level text for math, science, and engineering majors
  • Winner of the MAA Solow Award in 2020
  • Solution manual with worked out answers to all exercises
  • Lab manual using Sage
  • Beamer slides for classroom presentation
  • Paperback version from Amazon for about $20
  • MAA Review available here
  • For more information and to download

This book has the standard content of a course for science, math, and engineering students that follows calculus. A semester of calculus is the explicit prerequisite, but most students would have three semesters of calculus and for them some of the beginning sections of the book can be skipped. Each chapter ends with three or four applications of that chapter’s subject.

From the author’s description of the book:

The approach is developmental. Although the presentation is focused on covering the requisite material by proving things, it does not start with an assumption that students are already able at abstract work. Instead, it proceeds with a great deal of motivation, many computational examples, and exercises that range from routine verifications to (a few) challenges. The goal is, in the context of developing the usual material of an undergraduate linear algebra course, to help raise the level of mathematical maturity of the class.