David Guichard

Digital versions PDF and HTML
Plain TeX source Yes
Exercises Yes
Answers Yes
License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  • 513 page text for three semesters of mainstream calculus
  • Version with late transcendentals also available
  • Class tested
  • WeBWorK problem sets corresponding to sections of the text
  • Reviewed in MAA Reviews
  • Print versions: ~$11 (single variable), ~$17 (single and multivariable) from Lulu
  • For more information and to download

From the MAA review of this book: “The discussions and explanations are succinct and to the point, in a way that pleases mathematicians who don’t like calculus books to go on and on.”

The book covers the standard material in a calculus course for science and engineering. The size of the book is such that an instructor does not have to skip sections in order to fit the material into the typical course schedule. The single variable material is contained in eleven chapters beginning with analytic geometry and ending with sequences and series. The multivariable material consists of five chapters and includes with the vector calculus of in two and three dimensions through the divergence theorem. The book ends with a final chapter on differential equations.

There are sufficiently many exercises at the end of each sections, but not as many as the much bigger commercial texts. Also available are WeBWorK problem sets keyed to the sections of the text. Some students and instructors may want to use something like a Schaum’s outline for additional problems.