A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Mathematics

Joseph E. Fields

Digital versions PDF
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License Gnu Free Documentation License
  • Sophomore level text for an introduction to proofs course
  • Copyright 2010 by author
  • Class tested
  • Set of 28 video lectures treat the main topics
  • Links to faculty and student reviews on book’s home page
  • Print version (466 pages) from CreateSpace for $16
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This book is designed for the transition course between calculus and differential equations and the upper division mathematics courses with an emphasis on proof and abstraction. The book has been used by the author and several other faculty at Southern Connecticut State University. There are nine chapters and more than enough material for a semester course. Student reviews are favorable.

It is written in an informal, conversational style with a large number of interesting examples and exercises, so that a student learns to write proofs while working on engaging problems. The lecture videos can be used for a “flipped course” or for students’ additional review.