Applied Discrete Structures

Alan Doerr and Kenneth Levasseur

Digital versions PDF and HTML
Open source PreTeXt source available on gitub
Exercises Yes
Solutions Yes
License Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
  • Text for a sophomore level discrete structures course
  • Version 3.11, June 2024
  • Previously published by Pearson as Applied Discrete Structures for Computer Science
  • 598 pages (PDF version), 16 chapters
  • Exercises for each section; short answers to odd-numbered problems
  • Some concepts illustrated with Sage enabled web pages
  • Print versions from Lulu: $50 for entire book, $33 for chapters 1–10, $22 for chapters 11–16
  • Course adoption list available
  • Instructor’s Manual available upon request by verified instructors.
  • Separate collection of reading and in-class assignments designed for a flipped class format
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This textbook contains the content of a two semester course in discrete structures, which is typically a second-year course for students in computer science or mathematics, but it does not have a calculus prerequisite. The material for the first semester is in chapters 1-10 and includes logic, set theory, functions, relations, recursion, graphs, trees, and elementary combinatorics. The second semester material in chapters 11-16 deals with algebraic structures: binary operations, groups, matrix algebra, Boolean algebra, monoids and automata, rings and fields.