Tea Time Numerical Analysis

Leon Q. Brin

Digital versions PDF
Source LyX
Exercises Yes
Solutions Yes
License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
  • 365 page text for first course in numerical analysis (semester)
  • Uses Octave, open source MATLAB clone
  • Many of the exercises have full solutions and some have short answers.
  • Printed copies available from Lulu for $25 (color) and $10 (B&W)
  • Complete source available
  • MAA Review of the book
  • For more information and to download

This book was developed as the text for a first course in numerical analysis at Southern Connecticut State University as an open source alternative to a classic text such as Burden and Faires. The first five chapters make up the content of a semester course. The style is engaging and conversational. As the author writes in the preface: “Much of the material will be presented as if it were being told to a student during tea time at University, but with the benefit of careful planning.” The exercises are plentiful and well-designed, and many of them have extensive solutions.


  1. Preliminaries
  2. Root Finding
  3. Interpolation
  4. Numerical Calculus
  5. More Interpolation
  6. Ordinary Differential Equations