A First Course in Linear Algebra

Rob Beezer

Digital versions Various PDF for printing and viewing; full online version
Latex source Yes
Exercises Yes
Solutions Yes
License Gnu Free Documentation License
  • Sophomore level text for math majors
  • Faculty reviews available
  • Class tested
  • Hardcover edition (542 pages) from various sellers for about $33
  • Flashcards available
  • Excellent online version
  • For more information and to download

This book is a well-organized text with carefully constructed examples, a full quota of exercises with solutions, and an emphasis that is algebraic rather than geometric. The book is Sage-enabled with approximately 90 examples of Sage code spread throughout. The book sections can be loaded into Sage as worksheets so that the code can be evaluated immediately; however, it is not necessary to use Sage in order to make use of this textbook.

The HTML version is a fully featured electronic text with cross references that expand in place. It works well on an iPad or any device with Internet access. The Sage examples are executed by the Sage single cell server over the Internet, and students can experiment with their own examples as they read without needing to install Sage or log into a Sage server. Most students will prefer this version over both the pdf and print versions.

As stated in the preface of the book, the dual aims are “to teach the fundamental concepts and techniques of matrix algebra and abstract vector spaces, and to teach the techniques associated with understanding the definitions and theorems forming a coherent area of mathematics.”