Sage for Undergraduates

Gregory Bard

Digital versions PDF (English and Spanish)
Latex source No
Exercises No
License PDF version may be distributed freely

This textbook serves admirably as an introduction for newcomers to Sage as well as a reference for those with some experience. It is written in an engaging and informal style and does an excellent job in explaining how Sage works. The book can be used profitably as an auxiliary text in any undergraduate mathematics class with a computational component, and it can be used in the mathematical software courses that are becoming more common, especially for math majors. The book has been translated into Spanish by Diego Sejas Viscarra and is available in PDF.


  1. Welcome to Sage!
  2. Fun Projects Using Sage
  3. Advanced Plotting Techniques
  4. Advanced Features of Sage
  5. Programming in Sage and Python
  6. Building Interactive Webpages with Sage

The appendices “What to Do When Frustrated” and “Index of Commands by Name and by Section” are especially useful.